• Hercules: Kelley Black Hereford Herd Sire

  • Zeus: Kelley Black Hereford Herd Sire

  • Our "First Lady" of breeders

Kelley Black Hereford Farm is a privately-owned family business raising Black Hereford cattle, which is the fastest growing cattle breed in the United States. We are committed to the breeding standard set by the American Black Hereford Association and the American Beef Industry.

The Black Hereford cattle breed offers the buyer superior stock that meets the adapted and developed standard by the American Black Hereford Association as designated by the National Association of Animal Breeds.   We produce high quality beef cattle and provide the Black Hereford community with superior breeding stock.  We add new stock to our herd throughout the year and rotate herd sires as needed.  We are moving our herd to Pure Bred status only.

Our intention is to serve as a primary focal point for quality registered Black Hereford cattle for North Alabama and the surrounding area.  The ABHA has grown tremendously in the last two years with now having multiple breeders in the Southeastern United States.  You can view these breeders on the ABHA web site.  We began registering our calves in 2014 and continue to produce beautiful calves each year.

Our basic tenet is to operate by building a relationship business.   We are located in Ardmore, Alabama on the Tennessee/Alabama state line.   We welcome anyone who wants to come and see our stock.  There is always something going on around our place!